Who Is Lori?

Hi there! My name is Lori (or Loru), also known as GirlHeroLori. I'm a level 27 broadcaster located in central Texas! I started streaming as a hobby with a friend & ended up pursing streaming as a part-time job.

Besides streaming, you can catch enjoying making graphic design work, photography, staying active as best I can (especially running), skateboarding on nice sunny days & taking lots and lots of naps when I can. But my favorite thing is getting the chance to travel as much as I can - Streaming has given me the opportunity to travel & meet you guys at gaming conventions through out different states.

My channel has been partnered since June 25th, 2015 - Streaming led me to so many opportunities - I met my amazing boyfriend by playing one of my favorite games and I've continued to make friendships from all over the world. We may have a tiny community, but the love always feels x10 each time - I'm beyond grateful for taking the chance with streaming.

I'm happy I can do two of my passions as my career - Graphic design in my favorite city, Austin, TX and broadcasting. Can't wait to see what happens from this point forward!


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