GirlHero Minecraft Sub Server

Commands: !minecraft !whitelist
Version: 1.11.2

GirlHero’s Minecraft server is currently for Twitch SUBSCRIBERS ONLY. Once you have subscribed, the IP will be given by one of the admins. For more info on whitelisting yourself, use command !whitelist

Go here to whitelist yourself to the Girl Hero Lori Sub Server: & add your Minecraft username. The whitelist could take up to 10 mins to refresh, or ask an available admin to refresh the list!



  • Respect the Freedoms and Rights of other players
  • Respect the Staff/Admins of the Server
  • Respect the environment of the server
  • Respect the server’s Build Identity
  • Play fair and keep the game fun for everyone
  • Do not grief others, verbally or physically
  • Respect the boundaries of other players
  • Do not cheat, abuse or otherwise glitch
  • Do not abuse in game mechanics or plugins

[ rules credited: Massivecraft ]