GirlHero Fam: Subscriber Perks

We were officially partnered on June 25, 2015.

Subscribing to GirlHero is one of the best ways to support the stream!

  • 17 GirlHero Custom Emotes
  • Two NEW Sub Tiers for 2 extra emotes!
  • Exclusive Chat Badge (Changes 3, 6, 12 months, 2 Yrs)
  • Access to bypass bot filters
  • Added to my friends list on Xbox/Steam
  • Priority to play games first!
  • Monthly sub giveaways
  • Triple the points in chat!
  • Unlimited/point-free sub songrequests
  • Weekly community games + Discord hangouts!
  • Weekend sub movie nights!
  • Weekly anime-nights! (Usually every Thursday)
  • Access to our Minecraft Sub-Only Server
  • Supporting GirlHero in continuing to stream :)

    What is Light?

    Light is the stream currency. You'll receive light by spending time in the stream - Subscribers gain 3x more light. Non-subs receive 2 light every 10 minutes.

    Easier ways to receive more currency: Host the stream (100 light), follow the channel (50 light), subscribe to the channel (300 light).

    What Can I Do With Light?

    As of right now, all 'light' is used for games in the stream chat. Use these commands to play!

  • !battle [username here] - Battle another user in the chat to gain light
  • !ffa - Only one will win all the light
  • !heist - Join a group for an adventure to gain light
  • !gamble # / !gamble all - Dare to double your chances or lose it all?
  • !flip - Try your luck.

    Top Donator of All Time

    TheWeekendGamingNerd - $3,100+

    Legendary Contributors

  • TUPAC_SHAKUR_96 - $2,400
  • Psykichrtz
  • Sn1pa
  • RedVelvet925
  • Khaos_DTX
  • x37e
  • jollyaustin1
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