Yesterday, a few friends and I checked out the Classic Game Fest, which is sponsored by Game Over Video Games, that was going on at the Palmer Events Center. It is a two day event but my friends and I could only attend day one of it since we work during the second day.

Check Out My Classic Game Fest 2013 vlog!

It was a decent $10 to get into the event (a small portion of the wristband sales would go to Dell Children’s Medical Center Foundation); Small venue but a lot of retro/vintage games to see! I made a video of some small clips and pictures I took of the event going on.

Classic Game Fest has become a summer tradition for retro gamers of all ages. Come celebrate classic video games during 2 days of exciting classic video games, retro game tournaments, costume contests, live video game music, and more.

We didn’t get to stick around to see alot of the event, but there was some tournaments that I would’ve loved to join! I really wanted to do the Super Mario 3 and Tetris one… Maybe next time, you know, when I’m not tooooo shy. And we didn’t get to see the live music but I did see their websites and looked up some videos and now I wish I could have seen a few perform.

Another reason why I love living in Austin – More great events to attend!

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