Dallas Comic Con 2013

You know how it feels when you look forward to something for months and save up then having no one to go with at the end since they didn’t prepare themselves like you did?

Well, my trip for Dallas Comic Con was looking VERY slim since I wouldn’t find anybody with as much ‘WANT’ as I did for going. My boyfriend wasn’t able to since he had just splurged on his all-time favorite band for a show they had in San Antonio a few nights ago and most of my friends worked the con weekend. I was feeling defeated until I saw a girl selling her ticket for an extremely cheap price – I took a chance and emailed her and ended up purchasing the ticket. At first I was thinking, “Ok, if I don’t go, at least I didn’t spend a lot of money on this ticket”.

Originally, I wanted to go to the Saturday event. The day passed; I felt horrible… So my friend and I decided to ‘shop out’ my sorrows, haha. I know that sounds really girly and dumb but it actually helped. I scored a great outfit! I think I was drawn to the skirt because it resembled the lightning bolts for Harry Potter; or at least that’s how I see it. I’m in love with the skirt!

Girls went up to me at comic con asking me if I made the skirt & that they loved it!

Saturday night is when I stumbled upon that cheap ticket. I set my alarm for 6:00am (just as a little sign of hope for going). When my alarm set off I was a little uneasy about the whole thing. I have NEVER been to Dallas! It’s 3 hours away from Austin! I was going BY MYSELF to another big city… It didn’t feel safe but I really wanted to go. I slowly started getting ready and next thing you know, I was on the highway around 6:30am.

Pushing myself to go was probably the best decision I’ve ever made! I remember standing in line waiting to get in and having to call my job telling them that I wouldn’t be showing up that day. I always hate the feeling of calling into work – but I was already in Dallas… So I kinda had to tell them, haha. It was either work the busiest day out of the week at my job OR enjoy myself in Dallas with other fellow Doctor Who/Harry Potter/geeky lovers 🙂 … I think we can see which option sounds better.

I could talk about ALL the amazing and fun things I saw and encountered at the con, but it would probably end up looking like a small novel so I’m just going to let the pictures sum up my experience.

I met JOHN BARROWMAN! (Captain Jack from Doctor Who, Arrows, Torchwood & much more)! He was the main reason why I didn’t want to miss comic con! I felt like he was the closest person from Doctor Who I would ever meet! He was SO INCREDIBLY NICE to all his fans! I was so swoooooned by him… The first thing he said to me was “Let’s cuddle” and that is why this picture came out this way… Hence the stupid and overly happy look on my face 😀

To be honest, I was stoked about Tom Felton going but I wasn’t dying to meet him. My photo op with him was a very last minute decision but I’m glad I got to meet him as well 🙂 My first Harry Potter actor I’ve meet! I really couldn’t understand him when he was talking to me though… I just understood “Darling” and “Cheers”… He’s such a cutie though!

The last person I met was Charles Baker – Skinny Pete from Breaking Bad! This guy was so awesome and nice to everyone. I didn’t think I would have time to meet him but he was so nice enough to do free photos and autographs for his fans! Giancarlo Esposito (Gus, from Breaking Bad) was also at comic con but I wasn’t able to meet him nor have enough money for ANOTHER photo op.

I met a Dalek! He was nice enough not to exterminate me D: I guess comic con Daleks are friendlier than others…

And down below are some pictures I took of around the artist areas.  I also scored some Doctor Who, Big Bang and Harry Potter pins for gifts 🙂

… Do I regret going? NO! Sure, I’m pretty broke now since it was an unexpected trip in the end, but I had a great time and now I’m in love with Dallas, Texas! I wish I saw more, but I was a little scared driving around on their highways since I didn’t really know where to go! I just wanted to bolt to the convention and leave right after it.

Have you guys gone to any awesome cons lately? I’d love to know about them 🙂 Share below in the comments your best experience this year!

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