TwitchCon 2017

We just got back to Texas from Long Beach, California for Twitch Con. We left Wednesday & arrived at night time – From then on, I didn’t realize how much stuff we would be doing once we got into Cali! I’d love to share with you my highlights, emotions throughout the time & my favorite memories from my Twitch Con 2017 trip.

Wednesday – We arrived at night. There was not much to do our arrival day beside take a very expensive taxi to our Air B&B & find a little food place before we slept for the night. Downfall of our Air B&B was it not having any A/C in the apartment unit, which made it a little uncomfortable for hanging out during the day when the weather was warmer & sleeping at night. The perks though was that it was at a prime location just walking distant from the convention & a few steps from the beach!

Thursday – This was badge pick-up day. We woke up early to walk to a nice breakfast cafe & explore the area/convention area. We awesomely bumped into nice familiar faces & got some nice video footage for a vlog. It was around noon when we picked up our badges & went live for an IRL stream walking around the convention site.

Check Out My Thursday TwitchCon IRL Video

Twitch Partners were able to pick up our partner jerseys & get first dibs on all the Twitch merchandise to buy. Later that night, we were able to have a very epic meet up with a good amount of the stream team family! A few people kept telling us to check out Island’s Fine Burgers & Drinks so we met up there. It was about 18 of us & it was such an amazing time!

Drinks & good food with great company.

Towards the end of Thursday night was all the parties – We hung out with everyone for awhile and called it a night to get to the convention early the next day.

Friday – It was the 1st day of TwitchCon! Luckily, partners were able to go through an expedited line to get into the venue. I wasn’t sure how to really feel this day – I was overwhelmed and the day had just started. My anxiety of being at the convention was rising high and I remember bringing up wanting to change our flights back to Texas earlier. It started rough for me, emotionally & mentally. I had to do things at a slower pace to not feel extremely overwhelmed.

One of the first things we did was get in line to meet/talk with 2 streamers I admire and who have inspired me to keep up the stream grind. We took pictures with them and chatted for a few minutes – It was nice but that also spiked up my anxiety. However I’m extremely happy to see them since I’ve admire their work for a long time!

Throughout the day we ended up catching up with a few of our friends & then I took some down time to IRL at the event.

Down-time IRL at TwitchCon / Friday

If I had to be completely honest, once I was done with my IRL stream, I felt a lot calmer than what I was. Talking/hanging out with my community/stream honestly put me at ease for a bit. Even if it was only a short 45 minute stream, talking to whoever popped into the stream was extremely comforting. It definitely helped me push for the rest of the day.

We ended our Friday night by meeting up with friends at the hotel bar to have a few drinks then headed to Famous Dave’s for a late night dinner. I wish the food experience was better that night but hanging out with everyone made up for the cold-food/1hr wait until we got out food.

Saturday – This was probably our longest day! We mostly spent a good amount of our time on the convention floor talking with some of the indie booths, developers & checking out different streamer programs. We saw some really nice stuff & grabbed a few business cards.

This day was nice because a few faces we hadn’t seen showed up towards the end of our convention time that day.

Night time was when the real shenanigans began – It was the TwitchCon Dark Harbor Party. This event was open to anyone who purchased a Twitch Con badge. Luckily, partners were able to get in an hour early with a +1 so we headed there right when it was time.

We were able to grab some drinks, take silly themed photos & enjoy some of the attractions like the haunted mazes. Honestly, all the scary clowns walking around were a little too spooky for me… I would easily scream anytime one of them snuck up from behind me! It was a great night for lots of spooks but once it started to get overcrowded, we decide to call it a night.

My this day, my feet were already killing me and it was incredibly hard to walk around!

Sunday – I was really surprised we woke up early enough to make it out to the convention this day. We were so exhausted from the night before! Sunday morning was my scheduled time to livestream at the convention in the streamer zone. They only gave an hour of stream time to each broadcaster but at least it was something & better than nothing! You can check out my broadcast right here!

After checking out some last things at the convention, we decided to head out to a house in LA that all of our friends were staying at. This was probably my favorite time throughout the whole weekend! It was a huge get-together & BBQ hangout. We did one of these hang outs last year and it was also my favorite time from last Twitch Con. Everyone has having a good time with some drinks, good food, Rock Band & enjoying each others company. It’s such a bittersweet moment when we had to leave back to our AirB&B to start packing for our flight.

I honestly wish we had more time to explore the LA area & beaches while we were there. There wasn’t enough time to do as much as we wanted since we were at the convention most of the time. The hardest part of every convention for me is having to say goodbye to all the friends you met there. It’s hard not knowing when the next time you will see each other is – But I’m hoping it’ll be soon…

I’ll end my lengthy recap with this video of TwitchCon! These are some compiled clips we took throughout the whole weekend.

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