AdobeMAX 2018

Last week I flew to Los Angeles for a creative conference. I was grateful that my job saw this as a great opportunity to check out this convention & learn as much as I could from this event. This was my first year attendingΒ AdobeMAX.

I never heard of this event even though I use their products every day. Once I saw the trailer promoting the event, I knew this was something to be excited for. Gaming conventions are mostly the events I attend every year; this creative conference was my first to be around others who do the same field of work that I do.

I arrived Sunday and had nothing planned that day.  I did check out a local breakfast cafe that seemed really popular (It took a nice 1.5hrs to get inside!)

It was my chance to see the beach since I haven’t been to one in awhile – So we took a spontaneous trip to Santa Monica!

Check out my past VoD of our time in Santa Monica πŸ™‚ The beach was so relaxing and honestly much needed!

Monday – First Day of Conference

I wasn’t sure what to expect for this creative conference. The day started off with the keynote session. I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t the coolest and more inspiring keynote I’ve seen. Luckily Adobe posted their whole session online!

Later than night, I was able to meet up with someone I’ve known from the Twitch world for about 4 years. It was crazy and awesome to finally meet someone I’ve talked to for so long online. I was able to do some IRL streaming around Santa Monica again while we were hanging out. 

Tuesday – Continuing the Creative Conference

Tuesday was a day of checking out some of the last minute things around the convention; especially the community pavilion. I was able to make it to a few sessions I signed up for which talked about video editing & animation things. Most of the memory part of this day was the AdobeMAX Party that was towards the end of the night. It was such a fun time & they had so many cool things to look at!Β 

Creative conventions know how to design a party – Every single thing around the event was colorful & intriguing to look at! The food was also pretty great since they had a variety of things to choose from.

Wednesday – Last Day / Fly Back Home!

I was really excited and sad on my last day in Los Angeles. The main reason I was sad was knowing that I’d be leaving Los Angeles and the tiny AirBnb I was staying at. I fell in love with staying at a tiny space in the heard of downtown LA…

The only reason I was excited was for my 2 labs scheduled for the day. The first lab was an intro to creating some awesome animations in Adobe After Effects & my second lab was with a content creator I’ve been following on YouTube (Premiere Gal) for awhile that got me really into Adobe Premiere Pro! Those two labs felt so beneficial and I’m glad I was able to attend them… Especially one being at 8AM the day after the AdobeMAX party.

After attending those sessions it was time to head to the airport and fly back home. AdobeMAX is definitely a great conference for those wanting to get inspired and see more in the creative world. I’d love to go back again next year!

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