Cars & Coffee Austin 11.18.18

The Circuits of the Americas hosts a monthly event called Cars & Coffee. This was our second time going to one of these events. It was so cold outside & we were there for just a little while.

I’ve never heard of a cars & coffee event before until my boyfriend told me about them. I’m not car savvy… But I love taking photos & looking at all the different cars that go! It also gets me really hyped to think of what we will be seeing when we go to Japan!

Donnie was able to do the Audio Driving Experience this time around. His car looked exactly like the red Audi below.

I was a little sad during this cars & coffee event because I didn’t get to see him drive the Audi. We weren’t sure if I was able to tag along with the other people who were going to be driving even though I was just going to be spectating the drive. I’m glad he had a good time though – next time i’ll watch!

Looking forward to more meet ups! 

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