Texas Farmers Market at Mueller

I’ve never been to a farmers market event before – I recently found out that every Wednesday & Sunday there is one hosted in Austin; Two different locations but the same type of market. We decided to check out the Mueller Farmers Market today in Austin, Texas.


The weather was amazing today so I knew I wanted to be outside taking advantage of all the sunshine!

The farmers market was pleasant… Lots of new things I need to try next time I visit again. There was a lot of healthy things to see but too many people to take a good look at things. I knew there would be a vendor selling succulents & I had to at least buy some for our apartment!

Snagged these cute succulents from Indigo Soil.

Since it was a new experience I wanted to live-stream the event using my IRL backpack. I’m happy we streamed it and shared the experience with everyone 🙂 Thanks again for watching!

Published by Lori Garcia

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