Dragons, Anime & Nature – Photography

Yesterday I decided to take a nature walk around the city lake. I’ve been getting fascinated with “anime” photography so I decided to take some pictures that I could practice editing on.

It ended being such a beautiful day outside! Check out my vlog down below!

The weather was just perfect outside – Amazing breeze & so much sunshine.

I ended up walking around for about 2 hours around the lake area. As I was exploring around the trails I also stumbled across an event called the Dragon Boat Festival. It took me by surprise! I heard music playing in the distance and saw a lot of bright colors. There was delicious smelling food, colorful boats, adorable dances & a ton of people enjoying the event.

You can see more photos and clips in my vlog video above & some photos on my Instagram! Hope you enjoy the video/blog post – I had such a fun day out & can’t wait to do more photography vlogs!

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