Cars & Coffee Austin 5.19.19

It’s been a few months since we’ve been to a cars & coffee event. I honestly thought we weren’t going to wake up early enough since we had been streaming the night before until 2AM. Surprisingly we woke up early enough to get ready & head out around 9:30AM to catch the last 2 hours of the meet up.

We were able to live stream the whole meet up successfully with my IRL backpack! Check out the past VOD below from earlier today!

I was particularly excited about the meet up because I got a new camera lens (55-200mm) that I wanted to try out. It exceeded my expectations & I’m really excited to try it out during the upcoming drifting event this weekend in Houston for memorial weekend.

What was nice about this cars & coffee was the amount of people that showed up… during the winter months the meet ups weren’t as packed as they were today. There was so many people out enjoying the Texas heat & many cars that showed up.

I saw a bright purple car that intrigued me to take a picture. The car owner was named Ethan & he was extremely nice about me taking pictures of his car. Check out his Instagram for more photos & videos!

The owners of the next two cars are Kaleighs & Justin.

We ended up grabbing some Texas-mex lunch afterwards & some early margaritas. Despite the Texas heat being unbearable earlier, I’ll be happy to join in on another meet up. Here are some remaining photos from our day.

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