I’m happy to write about a new project me and Donnie have been working on for the past month! We decided to start a project together based on things we both enjoy. Our message… ‘Wake up & do what makes you happy!’. We’ve been wanting to do a project like this for awhile now – We have the motivation to keep that message alive for us. Hope you all have something you look forward to that makes you get up & do something. ❤

Why “Okiru”? Okiru in Japanese means to “rise / get up / wake up”

Okiru is a combination of things we enjoy – all things anime, Japan inspired, cars & skateboarding.

This project allows us to use our creativity & get to work closely to the things we enjoy.

Currently we have stickers up on our shop & we hope to expand to more products like skateboard decks, car decals & a few apparel designs.

It would mean the world to us if you could check out our social networks & our shop! Please follow up with our social accounts for news & updates.

Official Shop: Okirumerch.com

Twitter: @okirumerch

Instagram: /Okirumerch

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