About Lori

Hello, there! My name is Lori, also known as GirlHero (Twitch, YouTube). My stream community likes to refer to me as “Loru” though! I’m a full-time video editor by day & content creator; I’m a partnered broadcaster on Twitch (Mainly variety & strongly interactive + community based), I create weekly video content on my YouTube, I strongly enjoy video editing, graphic design, photography, traveling & anything to do with multimedia creation.

I am happily taken & recently engaged to MindSV who also happens to be a content creator himself. We met through Twitch from one of our favorite games, Halo! We are happy, please respect our relationship.

We have a 1 year old white german shepherd named Taki & a sassy cat named Rwby. They are all the extra derps we need in our lives.

One day my dream is to live in Japan… As for now, enjoy reading & seeing my journey on my blog of all the things I’m doing now in Austin, TX & all my life shenanigans.

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If you are interested in contacting me, please send me a message at lori@girlhero.tv