Hello! My name is Lori, also known as GirlHero – I’m a full-time multimedia producer by day & variety streamer on Twitch 6 days a week. I graduated in December 2013 from Texas State University with a BFA in Communication Design. I have a passion for design, illustration, creating content, video editing & I’m a big social media enthusiast.

I’ve been designing things since the age of 9 years old – I still remember when my parents got our very first PC… A lovely Windows 95 computer! I remember being so intrigued with the internet and started making cheesy little fan websites & exploring JASC Paint Shop Pro + Animation Shop. My love for designing things has grown ever since. Until this day, I wish I could still access my files on all the old floppy discs that had all my work when I was younger.

I began streaming during my final semester of college in December of 2013 – I received official Twitch partnership on June 25th, 2015. Since then, I’ve enjoyed building a very positive & welcoming community.

I’d love to pursue a career closely in the gaming industry; whether it be a content producer or anything close to that.