What Is Light?

    What Can I Do With Light?

    Light is the stream currency. You’ll receive light by spending time in the stream – Subscribers gain 3x more light. Non-subs receive 2 light every 10 minutes.

    Easier ways to receive more currency: Host the stream (100 light), follow the channel (50 light), subscribe to the channel (300 light).

    As of right now, all ‘light’ is used for games in the stream chat. Use these commands to play!

    • !battle [username here] – Battle another user in the chat to gain light
    • !ffa – Only one will win all the light
    • !heist – Join a group for an adventure to gain light
    • !gamble # / !gamble all – Dare to double your chances or lose it all?
    • !give [username] # – Share the love & give light to someone in need.
    • !flip – Try your luck.