About Lori


Hey, I’m Lori! I’m a full-time content creator in Austin, TX. I’ve been streaming on Twitch since December of 2013 & creating content (blogging, video content, design) since 2011.

I’m currently a marketing specialist in the moto industry & stream 2 to 3 times a week!

My stream’s main focus is making IRL content & focusing on community-based games. Now and then I’ll bust out some FPS games too!

We got partnered on June 25th, 2015 when we were really into streaming Halo: The Master Chief Collection & Halo 5: Guardians. Since then, I’ve branched out into the various forms of content creation from video editing, making TikToks, creating a FanHouse, endless photography & a lot of traveling!

Streaming has opened so many doors- I’ve met my husband through Minecraft/Halo & all of my close friends throughout the years have come through the community we have built. For the good and bad, I’m ready to continue my content creation journey as long as possible.


To be honest, I get this question a lot from newcomers so I’d like to share how I started the name behind me for so long.

Around 2011, I was getting really heavily involved with comic books and geek culture because of the group of friends I was hanging out with at the time. I enjoyed reading comics on superheroines who kicked major ass and made you feel like you could do ANYTHING!

At this point, I was getting out of a very toxic relationship & everything in life at that point seemed so negative. I was also getting more involved with keeping myself busy with attending comic conventions, playing more games, and anything that kept my mind occupied from all the bad times that were happening.

It hit me that I wanted to share my experiences with people- so I decided to start up a blog! I was thinking hard about what I’d want the name to be… I’ve always loved the word “Hero”. There is a song written by The Bouncing Souls called “Kids and Heroes” which pretty much is about…

“…Going through my life so helplessly dependent on finding other heroes, only to find that I myself have become a hero to others”…

Mixing my love for female superheroes and becoming my hero, I named myself GirlHero.

In the end, from good or bad experiences in life, I’m continuing and hoping my content can help others find a safe/cozy space to be in.


Taki – He is a pure breed Swiss Shepherd that was born 04.17.18 and adopted 06.17.18! He was named after Taki from Kimi No Na Wa. Taki also means “Waterfall” in Japanese. He is our little wolf!

Rwby – 7 years old – She was adopted in the summer of 2017! Rwby was named after the Rooster Teeth anime show- We also loved the way they spelled her name. She is the most sassiest and vocal fur baby in the household.


Okiru is a combination of things we enjoy – all things anime, Japan-inspired, & cars. Having our OKIRU shop lets me get more creative with my artwork and photography!

Our message… ‘Wake up & do what makes you happy!’. Donnie & I have been wanting to do a project like this for a while now – We have the motivation to keep that message alive for us. Hope you all have something you look forward to that makes you get up & do something. ❤