The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Pre-Launch Event

A few weeks ago, I was invited to the Texas Chain Saw Massacre Pre-Launch Event. It was for content creators, and people in the gaming/horror industry to come together & test out the game, mingle, and have a good time!

They had a fantastic house display at the event! (Made by Morbid Entertainment)

I had a blast meeting new people, checking out the game & enjoying some of the food and special themed drinks they had at the event.

They handed out a few swag bags before heading out of the event – I want to share a few photos of some of the things that they gave us.

Items in the tote bag:

  • TXCSM T-shirt (it’s super soft!)
  • 3 TXCSM pin set
  • Koozie
  • Small printed post-card showing the characters in the game- More like a family portrait. (When you turned it around, it had the signatures of the people who voiced the characters and etc.)
  • The tote bag itself (I’ve used it a few times already & absolutely love the quality of it!)

One of the bigger items they gave us was a box… and in the box it had… Nugget. The plush makes chicken sounds and came with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate code!

I made some new friendships during this event and I’m glad I was able to attend it! I’m looking forward to this game to release and play it with my community.

Will you be playing The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game?